About Michelle

Michelle was beautiful inside and out. She was blessed with Casey, her loving husband and soulmate, and three beautiful children; Talan (14), Hannah (10), and Kahne (8). She was the spark and the light to her friends and family. She knew how to bring people together through volunteering, throwing parties, and planning new adventures. Michelle had never met a stranger and people were drawn to her magnetic personality. You could always find Michelle at a gathering by following the sound of laughter.

Michelle set the example of how to live life to the fullest and to be present for every single moment. Her family was more than a priority, she truly loved being with them. On any given Saturday you find her taking Hannah and Kahne to a bee farm, followed by a hike at a state park, then off to the race track to watch Talan compete. She enjoyed training for races, planning nerf-gun parties, Easter egg hunts, a good mystery party, and family vacations. She loved game nights and passed her love of games on to her children. One night, family was visiting her in North Carolina and everyone went to a Place called Pippa’s for food and drinks. Michelle decided that they should play the game “Heads Up” at the table. Before long several other tables were playing their own game of “Heads Up”! Anything she could do to bring her family, friends, or people together was worth doing to Michelle

She was fierce and competitive and easy going all at the same time. She once jumped a 5 foot fence when Talan crashed while racing his kid carts to get to her boy. She played to win—she was not happy when her nephew passed her in the 5K they were competing in. She completed her first marathon in Las Vegas. Every year she organized a Christmas cookie making party for family and the kids would get to decorate. The kids would lick the spoons and there were sprinkles everywhere and Michelle would shrug, smile, and say “eh, they had fun”.

In her early 20’s Michelle began volunteering at Big Brothers/Big Sisters and continued giving back to the communities she lived in throughout her life. Her last project was for Odell Recreation Sports where she put together their first golf tournament which raised money for the sports programs in schools. They have now renamed this tournament to the Michelle Drake Memorial Golf tournament for Odell Recreation in her honor.

Michelle loved to dance. She took lessons as a little girl at Janet Long’s Dance Studio. Her love of dancing never changed but even without tap shoes she would pull friends and strangers alike onto the dance floor if music was playing. In Michelle and Casey’s home hung a sign that said “Dance like no one is Watching”. And this she did.

Michelle lived life and focused on the important things. She knew that having a perfectly clean house was not high on her priority list—people were. Michelle loved people for who they were and she had so many friends from all circles of life. She didn’t focus on silly things, she gave all of her energy to family, friends and her career. That is what was important to her.

Michelle is still making an impact on people today. So many people who knew her, and some that did not, have shared that they are looking at the way they are living their lives and what changes they can make that will make a difference.

Live by Michelle’s example

Go out and look for opportunities to help people.

Be unapologetic for giving, loving, living. 

Just be YOU!

Spend time with those that you love.